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A Taste of Heritage

 Our Story 

A Blend of Heritage in Your Confinement Meal


Tasty Heritage Signature is a confinement food home delivery service that prepares 28 days of nourishing confinement food delivery straight to the doorstep to mother's who are in the postpartum period.


THS aims to provide nutrient-densed and nourishing confinement food with a wide selection of chinese traditional meals. Tasty Heritage Signature strongly believe in the Chinese traditional herbs and believe the heritage of chinese herbs are rich to restore mother's health especially in the postpartum period. Our postpartum confinement food are specially curated to steer and recondition the mother's body to ensure the right type of food consumed enable the mother's health can be restore to the original state of vitality and health.

”Confinement for a lifetime’s health”

One of the most vulnerable times in a woman's life is after pregnancy. Giving new life requires sacrifice and it takes a toll on the Mother’s body. As a result from a huge loss of blood during delivery and the hormonal changes experienced.

Confinement is an important stage after women’s production. It usually takes about 6 to 8 weeks from childbirth to return to normal genital organs. The adjustment within one month after childbirth is the most important for the recovery of the body. It is vital to the health of women throughout their lives.

Appropriate tonic is important for the prevention and treatment of postpartum health care and postpartum diseases. The tonic during the month should be carried out in a step-by-step manner and divided into four stages according to the physiological characteristics of women after childbirth


 It is vital that mothers use their confinement period to recover, recuperate and revitalise their body. This can be achieved with a well planned and balanced diet.


Our 3 steps:
“Detoxifying, Repairing & Conditioning, and Nourishing”


Here at Tasty Heritage, confinement food menu for your health priority. With the freshest ingredients, our daily confinement meals which we prepared specifically for you. We focus on: 


Cleanse the toxins from your bodies, remove excess water and lochia from the body. Here at THS, we put less salt in our menu. The body is still weak at this time and cannot endure any toxic.



Contract the uterine, strengthen the bones and the function of kidneys, and restore the pelvis. Avoid taking preserved food during this period of time.


WEEK 3 & 4

All the access water, toxic and lochia should have been thoroughly dispelled. This is the time for tonic nourishing and nutrient supplementing. Nutrients can be absorbed by the body only after detoxification is completed. Otherwise the nutrients will be accumulated in the body and turn into access fats.

"Here at THS, we care for you"

Why do we do what we do?

1. We want Mothers to spend their time recuperating. Confinement is not a holiday. But it shouldn't be made any more difficult.

2. Spent more time with your loved one. Don't worry about what to eat. Here at THS, we take care of your menu.

3. A place of trust. Our experienced team will prepare the meal to meet your recovery and nutrition needs.

4. THS prepares and delivers the meal to you with the least intrusion possible. 

5. Reducing the burdens of family members. Confinement centres & nannies are great. But sometimes, it is also great to be able to put your money into savings or future expenses.

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