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5 immediate things to-do after a miscarriage.

A miscarriage is heartbreaking.

The hurt. The feeling of loss.

No matter how early the pregnancy is.

A miscarriage is painful.

There is much physical and emotional pain felt during this period.

We just want to take the time to acknowledge the difficult period you might be facing.

There are a lot of articles written on the emotional aspects of a miscarriage.

Today here, we will focus on what to do to pick yourself up piece by piece.

There are things that you can be do immediately to help.

Here is a list, to feel just a bit better & recover a bit faster.

  1. Rest

  2. Avoid House Chores

  3. Don't Skip Medication

  4. No Intense workout

  5. Nutrition

1. Rest

There are many recommendations when it comes to how much rest you need.

Generally, It is recommended to have a week of rest if your miscarriage is during the first trimester.

This is important because it will help regulate bleeding.

2. Avoid House Chores

As Mother, we take it upon ourselves to make sure that our house is clean and neat.

However, we often do so at the expense of personal health.

Lifting things or heavy-duty chores may lead to discomfort and even pain.

To ensure the quickest possible healing, I advise all mothers to leave this to the daddy at home. Or seek help from hired cleaners.

If that is not an option, then leave the house as it is for a week.

The house will still be there for you to clean after you recovered.

3. Don't skip Medication

It is easy to forget your medication once you are feeling a little better.

But skipping medication might result in infection. Make sure to finish the entire course.

4. No intense workout

Gym, HIIT, Weight Training are not recommended in this time of healing.

Recommended to: Stretch frequently, use the breathing techniques. Not only will this improve blood circulation and keep the body well. These low-intensity exercises will also help to elevate stress.

5. Nutrition

It might be easy to neglect this. But keep in mind that the right nutrient will speed up recovery for the body.

There are a few nutrients that we would like to emphasize in your diet to help with recovery.

The best food to eat after a miscarriage

1. Iron-rich food

a. Due to heavy bleeding, it depletes the amount of iron in the body.

b. If serious, it causes anemia & associated symptoms.

c. Feeling tired & weak is quite common.

d. Heme iron which can be found in meat is one of the best source. Make sure it is well prepared and cooked.

2. Feel good food

a. Combat depression

b. Find food that are packed with magnesium

c. Nut, beans and plain chocolate.

d. It also helps boost body’s energy, improve muscle and nerve functions.

3. Calcium rich foods

a. Your body calcium reserves drops significantly during pregnancy.

b. dried fruits, dairy products, milk, sea food like sardines and salmon, dark green leafy vegetables and soya

Try avoiding Low – Fiber Starches, Sweets, and over eating on empty calories junk food.

Another one to add before ending is; keep in touch with your Gyneaocologist.

And a good way is to have a support system in place.

I tend to prefer a circle of friends who are experienced mothers.

Some people seek the internet for a support group.

But I prefer to be around people that I trust and can rely on.

Miscarriage happens a lot more these days due to the stress and lifestyle the modern city dweller has.

We hope that after a few months of rest, you may restart your family planning.


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