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Confinement Food Package - All You Need To Know

Confinement is the period after delivery when new mothers are treated with traditional postnatal practices that allow them to recover from childbirth. It is a time when the mother is recovering itself, slowly learning how to nurse the baby. The origin of confinement can be traced back to ancient times and is still common in Chinese culture. Earlier, the mothers and newborns were not allowed to leave the house, and they had to stay indoors during this period. However, with time, many such practices have changed. But one thing that is still the same is food and nutrition.

During the one-month confinement period, it is essential to increase the intake of fruits, vitamins, minerals, herbs, and vegetables to speed up the recovery process. Many people also take confinement food catering services to make things easy and less complicated.

9 Foods You Can Have During the Confinement Period

A healthy and balanced diet is very important for all individuals, and when we talk about new mothers, the value is increased many times. You need to be extra conscious about your eating habits during this time because your little one is completely dependent on you for his food needs. You should also avoid foods that can have harmful effects on you or the baby. Many people do not have this knowledge of what they should eat or avoid during the confinement period. So, here we will explain in detail the food you can consume during the confinement time and what a wholesome confinement food package looks like.

Here is the list of foods you need to add to your daily routine to speed up your recovery.


The first in the list of confinement food is turmeric. Yes, you read it right. This yellow powdered substance can do miracles for you by speeding up the natural healing process. It can also prevent infections and inflammation because of its great anti-inflammatory properties.

Black pepper

Next on the list is black pepper that you can use in almost all meals. It is stuffed with some great nutrients like copper, zinc, vitamin A, and vitamin C. The presence of these substances makes black pepper a great immunity booster.


Oats are full of essential minerals, vitamins, protein, and dietary fiber that can help you fight your digestive issues. It keeps constipation problems at a distance. Studies reveal that adequate consumption of oats after delivery can increase your supply of milk too. So, what are you waiting for? Add this to your regular diet to get maximum benefits.

Chicken soup

Chicken is known for its high protein content, and protein can serve as a perfect post-delivery food. It will keep your muscles healthy and speed up the healing process. The best to consume chicken is in the form of soup, as it will also keep you hydrated for a long time.


Almonds and other nuts are a great reserve of iron that can increase your blood hemoglobin levels. Besides this, they also help in the healing of stretch marks. They are filled with iron, zinc, calcium, and vitamin E that can keep your body functions at normal.


Salmon is a superb source of protein that can help in the better healing of wounds. It provides well-rounded nutrition. It also helps you in fighting your postpartum depression and anxiety. The high content of omega fatty acid can also help in the development of your baby's brain.

Pork liver

Pork liver is one of the most nutritious foods that you can add to your diet after pregnancy. The high content of iron and folic acid can help increase your blood level. Other than this, it is also known to increase your basal metabolic rate. Thus, you will be able to digest food better.

Green vegetables

Rich in nutrients and minerals, vegetables can help in the regulation of blood pressure. They are also low in fats; thus, you will be safe from risks of cardiovascular issues. Besides this, they are also stuffed with antioxidants that can reduce inflammation in your body.


Eggs are a great food after pregnancy. They contain folic acid, iodine, and omega 3 fatty acids that can speed up your recovery after childbirth. Other than this, eggs are also important for the proper development of bones in newly born babies.

Opting for confinement food catering will make your life a lot easier and relieve the stress of cooking healthy food as the meals will be delivered right at your home.


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