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How to get well faster after a Cesarean Section (C-Section)

There is an increase in the number of mothers who are opting for Cesarean Section (C-Section) to give birth.

Common reasons why include bad, negative previous experiences of vaginal birth, fear of labour pain or of the effects of labour such as pelvic floor damage, incontinence and reduced sexual function.

C-Sections has a risk of scarring the womb. It has also a more complicated recovery for mothers.

By following some simple guideline, it will help reduce the chances of doing more unintended damages and have a faster recovery.

1. Don’t be Overly Active

Have slow walks around the garden. Have a fresh breath of air while you enjoy the scenery. Slow walks will not only help with physical recovery. It can also be a form of meditation and helps clear the clouds in your mind.

Don’t lift heavy things. And leave the house chores to others.

Simple tasks may also be difficult at the beginning, but it gets better and easier as the wound recovers more.

Be sure to pay extra attention to dizziness. As your body may also be recovering from the loss of blood.

Be mindful that poor blood circulation also affects recovery. So keep moving, but do so gently.

2. Don’t Overeat

It may be easy to feel hungry after giving birth.

After abdominal surgery, it may take a bit for the stomach to recover. So even if you feel extra hungry, slow down and eat carefully. Let the digestive system recover. We would recommend avoiding heavy, rich, or fatty foods.

As a rule, have light, nourishing food. And remember that having a balanced & nutritious diet will speed up recovery as well.

If you like, you can have your meals more frequently, and at smaller portions.

3. Take extra care on the incision wound

Remember to follow the doctor’s instructions.

Wash the wound site gently with warm water and soap in the shower, but don't scrub it.

Having extra care on the healing area helps in quicker recovery.

4. Put a hold on the Tub

After your surgery, you can expect vaginal bleeding for up to six weeks.

Stock up on thick pads instead of using tampons. The bleeding will wane over time and change in colour from bright red to brown, pink or yellow.

Although you can take a short, warm bath, defer on soaking in the tub until your incision site has healed and the bleeding has stopped.

5. Don’t be shy; Ask for Help

It is normal to feel overwhelmed after childbirth.

Give yourself time to process these emotions and what you have experienced.

It helps too to talk to your partner or a loved one.

Ask for help from someone you trust. Don’t be afraid to show vulnerability. What you have gone through is intense. Ask for help if everything seems too much.

Recovering from a Cesarean Section takes longer than recovering from a vaginal birth, but by taking care of yourself, you'll regain your strength more quickly.


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