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Miscarriage Recovery - Do You Need To Practise Confinement Care After A Miscarriage?

Miscarriage is a painful subject to broach. Unfortunately, miscarriage happens all too often, for reasons beyond our own understanding. Miscarriage not only takes a toll physically, but it is also a traumatic and emotionally draining experience.

Postpartum care after a miscarriage is important to the mother’s recovery, to her long-term health and her ability to conceive again.

According to the precepts of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a mother who miscarried requires more support, care and recovery time than a mother who delivered her full-term baby. But why is this so?

Nothing is harder for a mother than losing a child who has entered her life, although briefly. Her body has made enormous physical and hormonal changes to accommodate the baby. To experience such strong shifts of body, mind and spirit and suddenly be left alone and expected to return to life as usual, sends a shock to the entire system.

In this period of healing, nutrition is a big part of recovery. Women who have a miscarriage within 12 weeks of pregnancy are encourage to practice confinement care for at least 2 weeks. Women who has a weaker body are advice to extend. Have foods that are high in protein, with good amounts of iron and vitamin C to replenish the body during bleeding. Avoid eating greasy, raw, spicy, deep fried and junk food at this moment of time.

To ease a mother’s recovery, The Heritage Signature offers a 14-day nutrient-dense confinement food. Food and beverages are prepared and delivered fresh to ensure the mother is well taken care of. Speak to us to find out more.

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