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What your little one might be missing out.

At Tasty Heritage Signature, we believe our job goes above and beyond providing nutritious postpartum food for the newly minted mother (and sometimes father). We also take interest in the development of your child.

As a baby grows, his/her needs will change. The most significant milestone is when the baby turns 6 months old. This is when a baby gets stronger, starts engaging with their environment and is officially ready for baby food!

So today, we picked 5 local stores where you can shop for tablewares and toys for your bub, all from the comfort of your virtual trolley!

1. Lil Flying Turtle

If you are looking for eco-friendly products for your child, look no further! Lilflyingturtle cherry picked a wonderful selection of multi award-winning products from We Might Be Tiny, KiddiKutter and Dena.

Shop Lil Flying Turtle here.


2. Bueno Blocks

Founded by then-new parents who had a room full of toys but failed to capture their child’s attention, Bueno Blocks was born in their discovery of open-ended toys and the wonder it does for children!

Shop Bueno Blocks here.



What makes this store so special is that each product is carefully selected for its charm, educational and enjoyment value. There’s something for learning, for eating and even for wearing!

Shop PLAY.DOTS here.



With their focus on thoughtful design, safe and responsible materials, Playhood encourages the wonder of unstructured play and creative ways in learning! They believe that children should explore, test out ideas and not worry about making mistakes.

Shop PLAYHOOD here.


5. Dough Little

Dough Little’s playdough was found in a mother’s pursuit for doughs that are safe and kind to her children’s tender skin. This playdough is made from 100% food materials, such as oil, salt, cream of tartar, wheat flour, food colouring and flavouring.

Shop Dough Little here.


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