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Nourishing Meal

Tasty Heritage Signature has many years of experience, specialising in preparing food for pregnant women like soup and understanding the importance of essential ingredients. Our chefs are ever ready to prepare a wide variety of traditional confinement meals accompanied with nourishing herbal soups everyday. One that will surprise you every day with a taste of love in every meal.

“A place for New Mothers to feel taken cared for. “

There is a saying that a good postpartum confinement will ensure the physical health of a woman for the rest of her life. Confinement is the opportunity for a woman to improve her physique. It is even called by the older generations as a chance to be “reborn”. This implies the importance of confinement meal.

All the food you see here, are prepared from our kitchen.

Food for Pregnant Women

As we all know, a healthy diet promotes a healthy lifestyle at any time and any stage of life. Still, for pregnant women or planning to be pregnant, it is more crucial to eat healthily. Having a balanced diet keeps a mother to be feeling good and healthy. It also provides their unborn child with essential nutrients. But it is essential to understand that what kind of food for pregnant women is considered healthy and balanced during and after pregnancy? ​According to the dietitians, paediatricians, and gynaecologists, consuming a healthy and balanced diet for a confinement food menu for woman means a wide variety of foods. Consuming a balanced diet with all essential nutrients is the right way to get the vital energy and nutrition required for their unborn child. ​During pregnancy, progesterone and estragon levels soar, and mommy-to-be has to follow a particular diet plan having all the essential dietary elements in her food that are a must for their fetus. But postpartum hormonal shifts necessitate re-calibration. It is common for ladies to get into postpartum depression if this is not appropriately treated. Common causes of postpartum depression are: ​1. Lack of sleep, 2. Poor diet 3. Stress from dealing with the newborn's medical issue 4. Emotional anguish from a missed abortion or miscarriage. ​ For quick recovery after birth, it is vital that every woman is in good health during the confinement time, is stress-free, gets enough rest, and eats a nutritious, balanced diet. As a general rule, every new mother should get daily postnatal care for 28 to 30 days (or, according to a few historical customs, 40 days).

Tasty Heritage Signature - Confinement Catering Services:

"Tasty Heritage Signature" provides just the right confinement food package for pregnant women that has fine timeless classic ingredients and herbs to heal their body from inside. We emphasize providing tasty, home-style cuisine that not only stimulates the production of excellent breast milk but restores hormonal balance and supports new moms' transition into postpartum pleasantly.

We believe in assuring your convenience!

Here at "Tasty Heritage Signature," we understand how taxing labour you have just gone through. This is why you don't have to worry about spending time and money on quality herbs and supplies since we've already done it for you. Just allocate time with your infant and family while ensuring you receive enough sleep for your postpartum recovery. We thoughtfully craft delicious and healthy meals that are MSG-free and low in sodium content. You will be a beautiful and healthy mother with various nourishing confinement delicacies served from our kitchen to your dining table!

Get the best that you deserve!

We have professionals having years of experience with confinement food catering. Our menus are mainly developed by a collection of various generations of experienced grannies and mommies who have gone through the process of pregnancy and confinement. Our master chef continues to study and develop the recipes to ensure that they meet the nutritional needs of contemporary mothers without sacrificing taste. For the postnatal mother's dietary needs, we balance our confinement food for pregnant women with a blend of Modern and Traditional meals.

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