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A Taste of Heritage

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A Blend of Heritage in Your Confinement Meal

Tasty Heritage Signature is a confinement food delivery service that prepares 28 days of nourishing confinement food delivery straight to the doorstep to mother's who are in the postpartum period.


Tasty Heritage Signature aims to provide nutrient-densed and nourishing confinement food menu with a wide selection of chinese traditional meals. Tasty Heritage Signature strongly believe in the Chinese traditional herbs and believe the heritage of chinese herbs are rich to restore mother's health especially in the postpartum period. Our postpartum confinement food are specially curated to steer and recondition the mother's body to ensure the right type of food consumed enable the mother's health can be restore to the original state of vitality and health.

Why Choose us?

You take care of your child.   We take care of you.

Nourishing Meals

A Taste of Heritage

At Tasty Heritage Signature, we believe that meals & soups brewed with various Chinese herbs are beneficiary to replenish and nourish new mothers to recover from the process of delivery


Breastfeeding Friendly

We Support Breasfeeding

Our meals are specially curated by our chef with the ingredients that will boost milk production by providing new mothers a balanced diet.


Ingredients Matters

High Quality

Tasty Heritage Signature is committed to new mothers and so does the ingredients. We believe in hand-picking ingredients of the highest quality.

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Freshly Cooked







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Let our In-House Nutritionist help you

Our diet becomes more important especially during the postpartum confinement period.

In order to provide the best confinement food package our Nutritionist has undergone specialised training and gained the qualification to give nutrition advice needed for all Mummies to help you improve your health.
We believe that everyone can benefit from trusted, evidence-based nutrition advice.
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Mother with her Child

Our Commitment to Mothers

Why we may be the best thing for you:

  1. You have time for yourself.

  2. Trouble free for you and your family.

  3. You have a delicious & nutritious curated meal every day.

  4. Your body will feel revitalised and rejuvenated.

  5. Enjoy our 28 “daily nutritious soup”.





"It's been a week since I came back from confinement centre. It took us awhile to get used Jordan's pattern. First few nights were sleepless and tiring like we got abused by baby. 😂

Good thing we decided to extend our confinement meal through @tastyheritagesignature. Good food brings a happy mama and happy baby."


Wife to RK

Mummy and Professional Diaper Changer to the Milk Monster, Jordan Kang 


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Menarche, postpartum, and menopause are the three stages in a woman's life that may change or even transform her health, and among these three, the postpartum stage is the most significant. During pregnancy, your body is like an open door that allows extra water and poisons to be removed. After pregnancy, if the mother takes good care of herself throughout her confinement, she may be in better health and look better than she did before. Tasty Heritage Signature is one of the most popular and the best confinement food delivery, KL. Fresh meals, whether veggie, meat, or soups, are a great addition. Our team of nutrition specialists creates the traditional Chinese Confinement Food menu infused with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This perfect blend of natural herbs, pure and fresh ingredients provide excellent food for pregnant women to assist in regaining their strength throughout pregnancy and after birth during their confinement period. ​The confinement meals we provide are low in salt and fat yet high in natural deliciousness and nutrients. We assure you a culinary feast during your confinement, with dishes like: ​1. Black Chicken Black Beans Soup 2. Pork Ribs & Lotus Root Soup 3. Lemongrass Minced Chicken 4. Pork Trotter with Black Vinegar 5.Turmeric Fried Fish 6. Stir-Fry Spinach with Minced Pork 7. Lady Fingers with Sliced Ginger & Garlic & many more

Confinement Food Home Delivery:

We offer you a varied menu of both traditional and modern confinement food catering are best to provide you with essential nutrients during the crucial postpartum period. All our confinement meals taste great because these are specially designed by TCM practitioners, nutritionists, and experienced chefs. We only use ingredients of high quality to enhance the nutritional value of your confinement food delivery. We take healthy and tasty cooking seriously and never add stock cubes and MSG into our confinement food.

Chinese Confinement Food Delivery:

China's tradition of imprisonment dates back thousands of years. As a woman grows her kid, she uses many nutrients, so it's essential to relax and consume nutritious foods during postpartum to recover. Right after the baby is born, this confinement phase lasts for 28-40 days. Chinese confinement food is a way to keep the alkaline and acid levels in check; otherwise, there will be an imbalance if you have too much of either one. We base our operations on traditional Chinese medicine to produce a wide variety of Chinese confinement meals. Our Chinese confinement food delivery is designed for moms to enjoy delicious cuisine and replenish their bodies with appropriate nutrients.

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