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Refer a friend (RF) programme

Tell your friends about us.

Get RM100 each.

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Why RF?

Because everything we do, is for our Mothers.

We are a small business.

Most of our new customers,

are recommended by friends

who tasted and love THS.


Everyone appreciates the quality.


We spend very little on marketing.

It is better to give back what we would spend in Marketing, to Our Mothers.

How it works?

1. Share your THS experience with a friend.

2. Your friend signs up for our
28 days Meal
with a personalised e-voucher.

3. You both get RM 100 each.

Some Tips

  1. Be genuine.
    Share only if you like our services.

  2. Leave a review on FB & Google for THS.
    Your friends will see it and ask you about your experience.

  3. Never hard sell. Always respect one another.

  4. By posting on social media
    increases exposure.

Get your personalised voucher

Please email us:

Thanks for submitting! Your voucher will be delivered to you within 24 hours

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