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Confinement Food Catering

"Tasty Heritage Signature" is a Confinement food catering service made for new moms in mind. The special meals we offer mainly focus on restoring the body's core energy, improving digestion, and promoting healthy lactation.


Home-cooked confinement food:

For new moms, confinement food is not something to be taken lightly. During the recovery period, it is vital to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Cooked meals prepared at confinement food home delivery with a healthy and balanced diet are unbeatable. But most of the time, busy moms prefer to eat quick and simple foods to prepare and compromise their nutritional needs and their families.

Here appears the need for a quality Confinement food catering service. It takes time to design meals for new moms to satisfy their health requirements as a trustworthy confinement food supplier, and "Tasty Heritage Signature" does it in the best possible manner.


Qualities of beneficial confinement food:

After giving birth, mothers require 1800 to 2200 calories per day and much more if lactating their child. New moms need to nourish their bodies with the proper foodstuff for quick recovery and to handle the physical demands of childcare.

For every meal, a particular balanced pattern of nutrients is essential. For example, a plate of healthy confinement meal for a woman should have:

  • Half of it be fresh and seasonal fruits and vegetables for vitamins and minerals

  • The other half should be whole grains such as brown rice, wheat bread, and various pulses as a healthy energy source.

  • Protein-rich foods, such as lean meat, eggs, shellfish, or beans, should also be included as a must part of every meal.

  • Adding low-fat milk is also beneficial as a rich source of calcium.

What makes our Confinement food catering service different?

Every new mom's basic need to receive all the healthy and nutritious ingredients in their regular diet, but preparing food may be a daunting task, especially for new moms. We understand their health conditions and mental state very well. This is why our confinement meals are made in a particular way that maximizes the number of available nutrients.

The best part of our confinement catering food is that there is no need to worry about hazardous preservatives in our food as we use only natural and fresh ingredients. Every single component and herb that we use in our confinement food menu are carefully selected and prepared. As a result, new mothers receive freshly prepared meals every day at their doorstep.

Ingredients such as old ginger, red dates, sesame oil, and beans are included in our meals. Our confinement food has the correct quantity of complex carbs, vegetables and fruits, lean protein and nutritious drinks.

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