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Confinement Food Package

The human body needs the right sort of food to digest. It absorbs the required nutrients from regular meals for repair and recovery. This nutritional requirement increases for a woman's body when pregnant or just after delivering her child for better health and to lactate her newborn.

Mother's body can be reconditioned with an especially designed daily Confinement food package. New moms are weak due to sharing nourishment with the baby throughout pregnancy and blood loss from giving birth. Their body needs proper cleansing and detoxification. In addition to all these problems, many mothers experience breast milk supply issues. Traditional confinement food menu and TCM has an extraordinary power to cleanse toxins from our body.

"Tasty Heritage Signature" offers a variety of Confinement food packages for lunch and dinner that are intended for miscarriage, natural birth, caesarean, and breastfeeding boosters. We provide home or business service confinement food delivery Kuala Lumpur .

Our Customized Confinement Food Packages:

We design our Confinement food packages keeping the objective of "4 stages of new mom's body recovery" in mind. It includes:

  1. Healing

  2. Enhancement

  3. Recovery

  4. Strengthening

We may offer you three types of Confinement food packages for 28 days. These three types may include our essential, preferred, and premium packages. Besides, these packages include 100% natural, no processed food, no preservatives, less oil, sugar, and salt contents, no stock cube, and no MSG.

All confinement meals we offer are freshly cooked with care. These confinement meals are adequately packed to prevent spillage and food contamination during delivery.

Our Confinement Food Package for Natural Birth Mothers:

Natural birth mothers' confinement food catering must be healthy and light. We always design our Confinement food package for natural birth mothers with particular food calories for women who desire to slim down and keep fit at the same time.

Our Confinement food package for natural birth mothers includes: 

  • Balanced food with the freshness of healthy ingredients

  • Light, nutritious, and fully cooked meals

  • No fried, no chemical, pulpy (for easy digestion), less salt and sugar

  • Confinement soups that help produce breast milk and effectively replenishing body fluids

Our Confinement food packages are subdivided according to the needs of women with cold body constitution, warm body constitution, and weak body constitution.

Our Confinement Food Package for Cesarean Birth:

New mothers who are gone through a C-section lose more energy than natural birth mothers. Their confinement period may extend to six months for complete recovery and better care. Our Confinement food package for cesarean birth may include:

  • Calcium and iron-rich food

  • Meals having Vitamin C to avoid infection

  • No added preservatives, less sugar, salt, and oil

  • Meals with more protein to maintain sugar levels and reduce baby blues

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