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Ingredient Matters


The Highest Quality

Tasty Heritage Signature is committed to new mothers and so does the ingredients. We believe in hand-picking ingredients of the highest quality. Our confinement food is filled with a good amount of ginger sourced directly from Bentong, premium red dates, without any artificial flavouring and MSG.

Boiled soup:
Although boiled soup can be served within a short time, the ingredient quality should not be compromised. Ingredients is one of the key factors in making soup. Fresh ingredients will produce delicious and nutritious soup while stale or spoiled ingredients will ruin its taste and texture of food for pregnant women.


Confinement Dietary Contraindications

There are many consideration in diet restriction that needs to be observed. THS will focus on preparing and giving instructions on best practices as you go through this journey with us.


  1. Avoid excess intake of salt, oil and MSG. 

  2. Avoid cold foods.

  3. Avoid piping hot foods.

  4. Avoid foods and drinks that are cool in nature.

  5. Avoid Excitant foods

  6. Avoid Astringent foods

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